NGM’s conveyors save time and money. NGM’s conveyors are a turn key scrap removal system to move material away from lasers, lathes, presses, and other multi-function machine tools. NGM’s conveyors are very low maintenance.

1000 Series

NGM’s most universal scrap conveyor with capabilities to be made over 100′ long in 12″ 18″ and 24″ wide increments Special lengths and widths available upon request.

2000 Series

Our compact conveyor features an all-in-one design that slides directly under the steel belt conveyor at the end of the laser bed. This unit is great for situations where scrap needs to be moved further away from the loading point while still maintaining a low clearance of 5 1/2″. This conveyor can be used in many different situations.

3000 Series

Our 3000 series Cleated Belt Scrap Conveyor is an all-in-one design that fits at the end of a laser bed. It is very compact and has a 35 degree vertical portion that will easily clear a 40″ dumpster. Total length is only 227″.