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Bin Bracket U Cover

The aeration system of your grain bin can be run with your GrainWay conveyor in place. Attach the U cover to keep an airtight seal for the aeration system.

Bin Bracket Cover

The bin bracket cover (not shown) sits in place of the Bin Bracket U Cover and provides an airtight seal when the conveyor is not in place. This airtight seal lets the aeration system operate.

Bin Bracket
The bin bracket attaches to the grain bin. It is 18” wide and fits under the grain bin floor. The bin bracket is made out of 3/16” steel to reinforce the removed section of the grain bin. The hole inside the bin bracket is where the conveyor enters and exits the grain bin.
Bin Bracket

Guide Rails (for portable conveyors) – Two conveyor guide rails are attached to the cement foundation to help the conveyor track straight into the grain bin.

Pull Box Assembly

Pull Box Assembly (Large Farm Commercial Duty) – A 5 rod setup is available if more than three sumps are required or if extra wells behind the center well are desired.

Slide Gate
All GrainWay wells feature a UHMW plastic slide gate reinforced by steel on both sides for extra strength. The plastic slide makes opening the well smooth and easy.
Center Well
Wells install in the floor of the grain bin. The center well has a pivot point for a sweep. On larger bins the pivot point for the sweep is removable.
Side Well
Wells install in the floor of the grain bin.